Social Movements & the Limits of the Law

By Zahra Stardust, Roslyn M. Satchel, Afsaneh Rigot, Kendra Albert and Micaela Mantegna

The Revolution card from Cristy C Road’s Next World Tarot deck.

Ten years ago, trans activist, writer and teacher Dean Spade published a piece for those considering law, setting out ‘what every activist should know before going to law school.’

In the article, Spade discusses the complicated relationship between law and social movements (including how law is used to maintain rather than undo systems) and asks what role can lawyers play in social movements, through demystifying the law to resist indoctrination and by linking legal service provision to transformative change strategies.

Inspired by this piece, 5 lawyers, ex-lawyers…

Sexual Ethics, Tech Design & Decoding Stigma

By Zahra Stardust, Gabriella Garcia and Chibundo Egwuatu
With thanks to Livia Foldes & Danielle Blunt. Images by Decoding Stigma.

What would tech look if it was designed by sex workers? What values would be embedded into the design?

A new collective, Decoding Stigma, is hoping to find the answer by bridging the gap between sex work, technology, and academia. The goals are twofold: to prioritize sexual autonomy as a necessary ethics question for researchers and technologists and to design a liberatory future in which sexually stigmatized voices are amplified and celebrated.

Decoding Stigma is the continuation of research presented…

Zahra Stardust

Lawyer, Scholar, Researcher @BKCHarvard. Sex, tech and other things.

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